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Game Day 2009
September 10, 2009, 10:07 am
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Go Titans!


Who is going to control that remote this season?

Who is going to control that remote this season?


Listen, Mom, we know it's also your birthday, but we have priorities here!

Listen, Mom, we know it's also your birthday, but we have priorities here!


August 25, 2009, 7:46 am
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I picked up my girl from her babysitter on Friday with purple toenails!  My friend Susan (who was watching her) was so cute and nervous that she had painted them.  She said she only did one coat just incase I didn’t like it.  Kudos to her for even getting one coat on!  But seriously what would I not LOVE about my baby girl have her toenails painted!  I will however wait several more years before those ears are pierced…just don’t feel like keeping up with that right now!

A First
August 22, 2009, 11:09 am
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Can you find it?


Two Things You Should Know
July 25, 2009, 1:03 am
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If you are a parent of a child under the age of 5 (or know someone who is)…you must sign your child up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library (www.imaginationlibrary.com).  Once signed up (requires very little info), your child will receive a FREE book EVERY month until they are 5!  You heard right!  The service is available to anyone…I didn’t have to offer any financial information when signing Julia up.  Hooray for free books (and nice ones…our first one was a hard back copy of The Little Engine that Could!  And Hooray for Dolly Parton!

The second thing you should know is:  I may or may not have obtained a CDL license last week.  But incase I actually did…if you ever need someone to drive a bus for you (must be without air brakes)…you just let me know.

4 months!
July 15, 2009, 10:36 pm
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Julia on the 4th of July - sporting her festive outfit sent from her Cupcake.

Julia on the 4th of July - sporting her festive outfit sent from her Cupcake.



My sweet girl is four months old this week!  WHAT??  Seriously John and I at separate times got a little bit sad looking back at her baby baby pictures.  How has she gotten so big already?

Here’s the latest “Julia at 4 months” list:

  • Stats: 15 lbs; 24 inches long (perhaps she’s not going to be as long..er tall..as we first thought.  However she has officially doubled her birth weight!)
  • Loves to: chew/suck on her fingers or even her whole hand, “talk” – she will coo at her lion, the wall, or anyone that will listen, SMILE!, sit in her Bumbo chair, take baths, lie on her playmat and grab the toys and snuggle with her Momma when she’s sad.
  • Not a huge fan of: extended tummy time, shots in the leg, loud/startling noises, too much people time, those darn hiccups that continue to plague her once a day almost every day
  • By Month 5 I am almost positive I will be telling you that Julia: giggles, rolls over and sits up by herself!  She is so close!

More and more this last month we have realized that our daughter is an easy-going, happy girl.  She is just so much fun.  Every day is more fun than the day before.

A Really Great Life
June 24, 2009, 6:29 pm
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5 homes, 4 cities, 3 states  +

1 flood, 1 earthquake, 3 blizzards +

Maintenance Man, Youth Minister, Seminary student, Sandwich/Pita Maker Extraordinaire, Church Starter +

Kindergarten Teacher, Wednesday Night Childcare Worker, First Grade Teacher, Seminary Student, Bath&Body Works, YMCA site coordinator +

California Cruise, Chattanooga Aquarium, Newfoundland, Caribbean Cruise, New Orleans, Grand Forks + 

Sunfire, Camry, Ford Ranger, Chevy Tracker +

1 cuddly cat and 1 crazy dog   –  1 cuddly cat and 1 crazy dog   +

Lots of fun friends and Lots of fun memories +

1 super sweet, beautiful baby girl


3 great years of marriage!

I couldn’t imagine living this adventure with anyone else!  I am so thankful that through sickness and health, good times and bad, prosperity and ramen noodles you have led our family to look to the things and the life of Christ as the way to grow and go.  I know we would both say that without forgiveness, sacrificial love, grace, selflessness, and faithfulness – traits that only God can truly give us – our marriage would not be what it is.  

I love you, My Love!


June 24, 2006



June 24th (ish), 2009



June 14, 2009, 1:42 am
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I am not.

I learned a good lesson today about accepting help.  I am still struggling with finding that balance of being full-time employee, momma, wife, homemaker and just me.  I totally failed at most of those this week:

a fussy baby (not the norm) and an excessively busy work week plus lots of (fun) extras with our church planting endeavor led to…

much less sleep, a few arguments with the husband, clothes…paper…baby gear everywhere, crazy kitchen, and bathrooms, bedrooms and extra rooms screaming to be attended to which led to…

a meltdown…

Have you ever had one of those meltdowns where you just decide you can’t do it and it won’t ever get done…so you just won’t even try.  I had finally gotten our bedroom where I wanted it (switched out winter clothes..wahoo….determined which ones kinda fit….put away (most) maternity clothes…dusted (that’s right Mom)…and changed the sheets) and I was so tired.  The thought of vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, washing dishes, putting away things that should have already been put away AND all the “work” work I needed to do, PLUS taking care of my precious one was just not going to happen….so instead I decided to fix my hair.  Productive indeed.

Then my wonderful husband came to my aid and said (basically) you have three wonderful friends downstairs that would love to help you do these things (Disclaimer: Normally he would have helped as well had it not been for the errands he needed to run for a church team in town).  To which I replied “Of course I will not ask them to help ME!  I should be able to do all of this by myself!”  To which he replied…don’t you fuss at other women when they say that to you?….Good point.  Okay fine…but if they really don’t want to help they don’t have to.  Sometimes (more than sometimes) I am that woman.  Stubborn. Prideful. And A Mess!

So in good Mary Poppins fashion:  Pam vacuumed my whole house; Katie folded laundry, washed dishes and organized our office; and Jen fed, diapered and loved on my sweet Julia so I could do some cleaning as well.  And in about an hour or so my house was sparkling.

Two good lessons learned:

1. It’s always okay to ask for help.  It’s even better to ask for help when you don’t want to.

2. New Goal: Picking up things along the way and doing little cleaning tasks will probably eliminate crazy cleaning days…and won’t take as long.

Any other advice for this new life I’m navigating?


*Thanks Ladies for your help today!*